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April 29, 2009



Glad you are back, if only briefly! I love the pictures! The picture of Nate is priceless.


Thanks for coming back Cruiser Mama...love the post.

Lisa O

Remembered the address. Oh my, the kids are adorable!! And Nate is quite the chick magnet with or without the tie! Wow an on call sitter live in!! That's great!! Wish I could find that here and then we wouldn't have to worry about childcare for summer since I'm still trying to work!! Take care.


hope you stick around!! love the pics!

J & B

Glad your back, too. Agree that Nate's a chick magnet with or without the bowtie. With it, I pity the girls in Colorado. Can't wait to get some of the bread in June.


The kids could be in a Cingular commercial! Holland look nice. I think I'll go there sometime. ;-)


check check


Nice to see you back and getting bloggy wid it. Cute pics, I especially love the one of Nate The Chick Magnet - nice look, dude! I'm baking bread today, mmmmm good. That cake looks mighty tasty too. I use blogger, it's free, which suits my budget nicely.


You're baaaack... at least for today! Lisa emailed me to tell me you posted. It's like walking into an air conditioned room on a hot Florida day...ahhhhh! I've missed this!

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