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January 30, 2009



Yep, that picture of twins in hats would pretty much do it. Just have another one! C'mon, it'll be fun, everyone is doing it.


Just a beautiful bike ride into work this morning...big blue skies, snowcapped mountains, and warm sunshine.

J & B

We can now by Avery here at Acme. Have tried several of them.


My uterus even did a flip at those cuties...well, you know me, 1/2 a flip! Didn't get to post on Erin's room - love what you did with the table and love, love, love the Erin tiles. Are they wood? Have a great, sunshiny weekend!


Dad, next time you guys head out west, we will take you to the Avery tasting room...mmm beer.


Can you make me a hat like that bottom one - too dang cute! I've been seeing babies everywhere lately, sigh. And that yarn is yummy indeed.


OK- If you make the hats in adult sizes sign me up! So cute!!!!


so super cute!!! Could you send me the pattern?

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